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January 4, 2011

Foodies: Is This Your Style?

The latest Style Weekly food section features a sort of best and worst of 2010 (termed, “protagonists and antagonists”) by Jack Lauterback (aka Jack Goes Forth, Shockoe Bottom’s “blogging bartender”).  

Foodies are listed among the antagonists:

Foodies. Big pretentious wads of vascularized ass fat. I’m keeping them around because we need a stuffy, high-minded, self-important group of fucknuts to die violently when the Russians attack in Act IV.”

I’ve got my take on the trendy insult, but I’d rather hear from you. Is this characterization warranted? Is it informed? Charming? How many points does Style gain or lose with you?

For the past several weeks,’s Karri Peifer has been running an interview series wherein “foodies” analyze the loaded term and what makes food such a keen interest. I think the subjects of that series provide a whole lot more incite into the topic of foodies, love them/us or hate them/us.

61 Responses to “Foodies: Is This Your Style?”

  1. Mollee says:

    OUCH! Having just recently identified myself as a foodie in an article I wrote for Richmond Magazine (link:, I feel personally insulted by Jack’s comment and by Style Weekly for publishing it.

    What if he’d uttered those same words about another group in RVA with a common interest, like football fans or people who watch The Bachelor? I’m not interested in those things, but I don’t go around using vulgar language about people who do or proclaiming that they should DIE.

    The irony here is that Jack has become the high-minded, self-important one by lessening the importance of what foodies in RVA are doing for our culture. Thank goodness for foodie friends in the media like Richmond Magazine and

  2. Laura Bailey says:

    Holy Crap, did they really print that in Style? I have to admit, my first reaction was to laugh. But it’s a bit disingenuous of Style to print against foodies with Deveron at the helm.

    • yawn says:

      this just gives that egotistical dude the attention he’s looking for. for some reason, the editor of Style eats up his grandstanding. I’d hate to be in Deveron shoes?

  3. Muna says:

    Ha, nice Freudian slip… “a whole lot more incite.” I vote for more food, more incite, more foodies and more inciters.

    • jasonguard says:

      Darn. I switch that up all the time. Now that you’ve pointed it out, I can’t go back and change it and pretend that I don’t have a problem with spelling.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Seriously!? SERIOUSLY!?
    The whole ‘article’ is a silly mess with no discernable point. Ok, dude, you like smoking in bars and wish you could buy liquor at walgreens. Join the club. What exactly is it that’s so bad about people who love good food? Does he resent the fact that bars have to serve food to be open and that, in turn, customers expect the food to be of a certain quality? Could he maybe articulate that point instead of just grabbing at phrases like “fucknuts.”
    Does Style PAY this guy?! Geesh.

  5. George says:

    This is what happens when the public education system fails us. I don’t describe myself as a foodie (wino thank you very much), but I don’t consider it an insult to name somebody that. What I find amusing is that people consider Jack a bartender and a writer when clearly he isn’t proficient at either. Also, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know the difference between “satire” and “satyr”.

  6. boscodagama says:

    Jack is a rather irritating young schmuck who has RED DAWN internalized. He didn’t have to pump out a bomb shelter like some of us did back before & during the Cuban Missile Crisis, with visions of Metrecal & Billy James Hargis dancing in our heads.

    I bet his liver goes before mine does.

  7. Gary York says:

    Little boy Jack is a pretty serious idiot. A bad writer. And a bad drunk. And a bad drunk writer. Three stikes and you are out. I think you have to question the standards of a mag that would let someone like him continue to write for them.

  8. Eugenio says:

    @boscodagama nice Red Dawn reference, nearly spit out water over my keyboard. I agree with all above, even the wino. By mocking the “foodie” he hopes to get a reaction from the reader, unfortunately for him everyone is a foodie. In my opinion anyone that has an opinion on what they like (the 5 year old who won’t eat spinach, the vegetarian, the caviar enthusiast) is a foodie.

  9. Eugenio says:

    The joke may be on us, actually, after back tracking to his site he references his own story as “If you like listening to me be an asshole,” so maybe we are just getting overly excited as he wanted to make us, despite Patrick Swayze killing cubans

  10. Stephanie says:

    I love all the other comments on this post. Big ups to the Red Dawn ref. Jason, way to get us talking – what do YOU think about the quote or the piece in general?

    • jasonguard says:

      I’ve long made it known that I’m not a fan of Jack’s. And I don’t think it’s cute that writing an incredibly misogynistic blog about having as much sex as possible gets you a job writing for Style Weekly. The editor, Jason Roop, besides his fetish for Jack, seems to think that it’s his job to amplify the drunken antics of Richmond’s 20 somethings. Maybe that target market is expanding. Who knows. I’ve emailed Roop and Style’s publisher several months ago. Otherwise, it’s just predictable and sad. A newspaper going downhill.

      • Jason Roop says:

        Jason, as you may recall I answered your e-mail promptly and offered to take you for coffee so you could share any ideas or concerns. I wish you had accepted, but please know that the offer still stands. Jack’s column has been doing well, has a strong following and has earned him several other offers from local and international media. But it’s certainly not for everyone, which is why we try our best to offer variety in our coverage. You have my e-mail, so feel free to contact me any time.


        • Mary Beth says:

          “Not for everyone.”

          Not for anyone who respects women, certainly. I’ve just been reading back through Jack’s blog, and it’s truly vile.

          Would you give a column to anyone whose antics earned them “offers from local and international media”? Because if so, I guess I could encourage a few of the troll-ier characters from the LA media and blogosphere to move to Richmond…

        • anonymous says:

          While the JGF post is drivel as usual, it’s just too darn bland and predictable to warrant the shocked and offended reaction he’s obviously gunning for. What I DO find shocking and entertaining is the idea that this Jack character is sought after by local and international media! Come on! If Maxim is looking for more wanna- be jocks to write about beer, beaches and Megan Fox while they cling to their fleeting frat boy status, I’m sure they can find someone more relevant than Jack Lauterwhomever. Beyond that, I can’t imagine who would give this guy a job.

          I understand the need for publications to include controversial opinions to keep things lively, but this crap isn’t even controversial- it’s a waste of paper. People would pay good money for that ad space and if you’re looking for someone to push buttons, how about something really controversial?

          I hate people who are into food…okay. Then I want a column too, and I hate people who brush their teeth.

  11. If I was more omnivorous my first thought would probably be “hmm … high-minded fucknuts would probably be pretty good fried in wads of vascularized ass fat”. Maybe Jack should try some?

  12. Mel says:

    “Foodie” is like the word “hipster.” The group it’s describing embraced it at first because they finally had a word to describe themselves, then it became a popular term in the New York Times, then it was widely used with no problems, and then people started to use it as an insult. Ergh.

  13. veron says:

    Awww….I actually feel sorry for the guy – obviously someone who doesn’t appreciate one of life’s greatest pleasures. And what the heck is vascularized ass fat?

  14. veron says:

    And isn’t he the dude that drinks too much? Maybe he should lay off the alcohol and enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich.

  15. Jack Lauterback, a man who likes talking about himself as much a certain food blogger. Another reason I don’t miss reading Style.

  16. Mariane says:

    He seems to have a drinking buddy pass from Style. Often that counts more than talent or ability. And if he generates this many comments, they count that as success. It’s all Fox News mentality these days. Eventually he’ll insult the wrong person and get vaporized like Dovi. But until then, live with it.

  17. Levi says:

    It’s offensive but there’s no need to get personal

  18. Gary York says:

    So Style likes to tell the foodies where to eat, and takes the ad money from the restaurants that those foodies support. But the main drinks writer thinks that the same foodies are “wads of etc.”. Nice. I guess Style thinks that this is Richmond, no one will care enough to do anything about it. They are probably right.

  19. Ed says:

    Vascularized ass fat. That means marbled ox tail, right? Delicious in soup.

  20. chicarmoire says:

    Jason Roop and “Jack” believe they are some of the coolest kids in town (if drinking in excess often and being a cad make you cool). I had to stop following both of them on Twitter because I was tired of the attitude and the meanness. And “Jack” is a misogynistic jerk.

    I remember when I moved to RVA in the middle ’90s, Style Weekly was a must read for me. Now I hardly pick it up.

    Keep up the good work on this site Jason G

    • jasonguard says:

      Chicarmoire: I’ll bet there’s more folks out there who feel like you/we do, but don’t speak up because “what’s the point?”

      THE POINT IS: A quality “alternative” newspaper can be such an important part of a city. Style isn’t all bad, but it would be so much better without those egos surrounding it like a stink bomb.

  21. By having a group butt-hurt session around the water cooler, you might end up validating this budding men’s rights activist and that would be too bad. I don’t miss hangovers and pretending that i’m not driving drunk and nothing a ‘foodie’ does will result in genital warts or vehicular manslaughter (aside from those beer dinners…jeez.)

  22. Susan Howson says:

    The worst thing about anti-foodie backlash is that being aware and responsible about food is something so positive for the entire planet and everyone in it. I’m so confused as to why Style/Jack would want to alienate (or…wish a violent death upon?) a huge group of people who hasn’t done anything wrong. I mean, I was gonna make them a delicious dinner, but………

  23. kristelpoole says:

    “Foodie” has a different meaning depending on whom you call for a definition, so to get offended by it or debate it is pointless. Especially when the “drunks” insult the “foodies” and the “foodies” just go insulting the “drunks” right back. Can you feel all the ego in this room? It’s getting crowded.

    As someone who is friends with all of you (Jason, Jason and Jack), I think this is all getting blown out of proportion and overly personalized. You can all be self-centered jack-asses sometimes, but so what? Your individual followers don’t care, they like it! I think everyone needs to go out to dinner, have a few quality cocktails and leave the name calling behind.


    • jasonguard says:

      Or should I call you my fellow “fucknut”? ;o) Having eclectic friends is all good, but pretending this is just me vs them is fucking nuts (see what I did there?). I really hope those two are taking to heart at least a little of the feedback they’re getting from every besides me, in spite of the friends who try to insulate them from criticism.

      ps: I still have your saffron, truffle oil, and Thai chili paste, If you want to pick it up, let’s just schedule another gourmet pizza night.

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      • Your post captures the issue perfectly!

    • Ed says:

      No, Kristelpoole, the foodies want BLOOD! Blood sausage, that is. Preferably, morcilla.

  24. genevelyn says:

    For someone who is not a “foodie”, Mr. L. is certainly adept at stirring the pot. He has proven through the popularity of his Style columns that he is skilled at manipulating the masses; people at least a decade older than he who are not impressed by his abilities, as well as his comrades who think he’s keeping it Hunter S. T. real and shit, thus increasing his (and Style’s) readership via his fans AND his haters. Well played. Don’t we love bread and circuses? That post will get more hits than Tiger Wood’s balls this week.

    Now, if food bloggers really dislike this guy writing for Style and want him to go away, here’s one way to make it happen. Don’t read what he writes, reference him or post about him.

    • oh, let’s not tarnish the good doctor’s name by associating it with this wannabe wordsmith–Thompson was ideologically consistent enough to blow his brains out when his prose became somewhat less than excellent.

    • boscodagama says:

      Genevelyn is right.

    • Ed says:

      No question, the column was genius link bait. Saad El Aminesque. However, a lot more commentary here than over there which I think is a sign of a silent protest.

      • jasonguard says:

        I’m not opposed to sending traffic to Style or any other site. “Hey, look at this” is probably the most common lead in the blogging world. However, not all attention is necessarily good for a publication, if the readership’s reaction is negative. So, I have to take issue with the “genius” label, in this case.

        I think democratic participation (as comments or response blogs) raises the standards for media outlets and it results in a more discerning, better informed public. So, I’m not really supportive of the “ignore it and it’ll go away” approach, though that’s probably the most widely embraced.

        At the very least, the clever comments surrounding the column are a demonstration of wit that puts Jack’s juvenile drivel about getting “hammercanned” and calling people “fucknuts” to shame.

  25. dondolone says:

    What charity his few words have incited! Do some of us fall prey to his criticism? I believe a month of brown rice gruel and introspection are in order for this flurries possible season.

  26. Man Vs. Foodie says:

    I believe the style weekly description of a “foodie” is perfect.

    – Foodie Critic

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